Transmoduls Ltd. is the member of the Innovation Cluster

Experimental development of the precision, self-regulating PCB Soldering Station with IR image laser interference and continuous transfer cell system

Within the project we created such a universal and experimental basic machine with the help of which (within 100 x100 mm dimension) it is possible to develop high quality through hole soldering technology - THT of electronic circuit elements with diverse design, by using laser energy. The built in laser interference quality control prevents the user from creating defective pieces.

Development of artificial vision system that can be applied in industrialenvironment

The created double camera vision system helps the manipulator working in the respective work area to be able to lift and carry certain parts very fast – from an unorganized pile of parts – to the proper place and to rotate it in the specified position for various machinery assemblies and elaborations.

Development of Ultrasonic Experimental Welding Unit for bond joint plastic elements

During ultrasonic formation or welding of the thermoplastics, due to the absorption and reflection of vibration energy, and to the frictional heat in the respective area, the vertical (longitudinal) vibrations created by the actuator melt the material pairs, so undetectable joint is created in short time. For connection with the preferred geometry, the shape of the sonotrodes is to be refined with built in simulation. The necessary paths are travelled by sliding mode (SMC) position control, and this way high quality product is produced.

Development of shape failure inspection station of plate parts

By projection of programmed structured fringe patterns, shape failures are measured from Fourier or Wavelet transformation of images (with deformities) obtained from the cameras, by determining the missing phase angle and with the help of perspective geometry. These shape failures can be evaluated by a program. The projector and the cameras or the work pieces are moved by our own robots.

„Precision Engineering”

For the assembly of products containing relatively inaccurate plastic parts, you need tools or work piece handling equipment with hundredth or thousandth of a millimeter precision. Their holding structures realize their function by application of flexible kinematic pairs, and we continuously broaden their specific standard units.