resistance welding



assembling lines



welding report

IC assembling and inserting

IC welding

laser welding

robot integration

spring assembly


ultrasonic welding



Feeding and sorter technologies

  • parts feeding and orienting or sorting
  • fluid / flux / solder paste dispensing


Forming technologies

  • cutting with slitting saw or disc or guillotine for plastic parts
  • die cutting / punching
  • drilling
  • milling
  • deburring for aluminum casting or plastic parts
  • runner breaking for aluminum casting
  • bending for metal parts of the electronics elements
  • stamping
  • electric wire forming (compacting, crimping)
  • laser marking


Welding technologies

  • hot plate welding
  • laser welding for plastic and metal
  • resistance welding
  • ultrasonic welding


 Soldering technologies

  • soldering by feeding solder wire (smelting with laser)
  • laser soldering (with solder paste)


Assembly technologies

  • press fit (dry or with lubrication or heating)
  • hot staking
  • ultrasonic staking
  • clinching / notching for sheetmetal parts
  • screwing
  • electronics assemblies
  • (adhesiv bonding, solidifying, potting)


Material handling

  • grasping manipulation
  • packing manipulation (for box / bin / separator sheet)
  • packet goods conveying


Inspection technologies

  • colour recognition
  • parts recognition
  • mechanical characteristics measurement
  • electrical characteristics measurement
  • air leakage measurement